Real Help for the Issues of Everyday People

Investing in Infrastructure: The Federal Government has your dollars to invest, let’s make sure those dollars are spent here!

  • Fighting for the needs of District 8 in infrastructure spending – such as public transportation, high speed rail, electric charging station implementation and more.
  • Incentivizing small and new businesses as well as already expanding industries such as Space and Tourism.

Securing Your Livelihood

Small Business Owners: are often the backbone of their communities but pay more in taxes than large corporations and often don’t have access to affordable quality health insurance.

  • Make Small Business a priority, not just talk but action.
  • Close the loop hole that forces Small Business Owners into the individual health insurance market.

Making YOUR Vote Count

Freedom to Vote Priorities: Voting should not be more difficult than going to the DMV.

  • Making Voting Day a National Holiday
  • Free and Fair Elections
  • Enough Polling Locations to meet voter demand – No Voters in the USA should have to stand in hours long lines.
  • Enhance easy voting options for seniors, disabled, military personnel, business persons or those otherwise unable to get physically to the polls.
  • Implementing the Bipartisan John Lewis Voting Rights Act

Preparing the next generation

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”– Nelson Mandela

  • Full funding for Pre-K through 12th Grade Public Schools – Too many of our schools are underfunded, understaffed and overcrowded. Our tax dollars must be leveraged more efficiently and towards teachers and students.
  • Community College access for qualified students – K-12 education is not enough for the future of our workforce. Students that graduate HS and pass the proficiency exam for CC should be able to earn an AA Degree tuition free. (Programs like Bright Futures could be expanded)
  • Increasing available Trade and Vocational Training – Not everyone is cut out or desires to follow the University Track. Many essential jobs such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics etc need specialized training or internships. Increased access and funding for these types of programs benefits graduates and communities.
  • Student Debt Relief – Reduced interest rates, forgiveness options and fair repayment programs. College to Work programs that compensate for time in service such as for teachers, nurses, etc.

Keeping Florida the Sunshine State

Florida is unique in its character, beauty and diversity. The foundation of which is YOU the people. We are lucky to live in paradise, lets keep it that way!

  • Use our Sunshine to lower your electric bill – Affordable Solar without unnecessary regulations
  • Create Jobs and new Manufacturing facilities creating the next generation of power for OUR communities and the nation.
  • Sustaining our beaches and wildlife – through education, funding and protection measures.
  • Proactive measures to keep our homes and businesses above water (literally) – Understanding the science behind rising sea levels and how they impact our area. Using that knowledge to protect against flooding and beach erosion as well as consideration in future infrastructure projects.
  • Bringing Federal dollars to the Clean Up of the Indian River Lagoon – Legislation currently being discussed to provide dollars for investments in the environment should include funds to assist waterfront homeowners in District 8 to go from Septic to Sewer.
  • Considering Residents needs in conjunction with Tourism Opportunities – Making Florida not just a great place to visit but a great place to live. Taking citizen feedback and conferring with City Councils within District 8 to consider Resident Concerns in our area and how Federal Government resources can improve our communities.

Protection of Your Rights

The Right to Privacy:

With the overturning of Roe V Wade this summer we are facing an unprecedented attack on the rights we have assumed were enshrined in law. This loss of bodily autonomy for half of the population is dangerous and a slippery slope to undermining other freedoms that have been decided through the courts. These include access to contraception, marriage equality and even equal education.

  • I support the Women’s Health Act
  • Accountability for the Supreme Court
  • Repairing the court by expanding to an equal number of Justices as there are Federal District Courts.
  • Keeping the government out of your bedroom, doctor’s office and personal medical decisions.
2nd Amendment:

Firearm violence recently became the leading cause of death for children in the United States. Gun deaths are not just mass shootings, but also accidental discharges and suicide. This is unacceptable and we should be doing everything in our power to improve the safety of our children.

  • Education and training on the use of firearms is imperative for safe handling and ownership. -Free or subsidized safe handling and storage courses for license seekers .
  • Licensing and registration for firearms.
  • Universal Background checks for gun purchases with the waiting period relative to the speed of completion. Many buyers bypass this protection when sellers do not receive background requests in a timely manner.
  • Safe storage laws enforced where death is attributed to negligence.
  • Ending easy access and sales of assault style weapons of war.