March Madness Meet and Greet/Petition Drive

Host a March Madness Meet and Greet/Petition Drive with Danelle Dodge in YOUR neighborhood! Local coffee shops, parks, or libraries can be a great place to gather with folks who want to see CHANGE in FL District 8!

With 900,000+ people in FL District 8 we only need 100 folks to collect 25 petitions to reach our goal!

Contact Us with your name, location and number of guests to get on the March Madness Calendar. First sign your own petition, share link with your friends and neighbors and bring them to the meet and greet! Our team will validate requests and identify 10 meet ups before the end of the month! (Chosen hosts will be contacted directly to confirm and verify information)

Help us with our full court press to sign, seal and deliver 2600 petitions to the Supervisor of Elections by April 1st! Join us to be the change you want to see in Florida!

Thank You!

Common Sense Voters for Danelle Dodge Campaign

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